Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dannng! Dress is almost done!

Crappy cell phone picture, because i'm too lazy to upload pics from my digital camera:
Getting the gradient on this thing was a work out!! The wind kept changing its direction! I need a nap now!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easer Timeeeee!

Happy Easter everyone! I have been working on several new costumes one of which includes a 100%  remake of my Sorceress Edea costume! I'm hoping to wear it to Otakon 2011 over the summer. I seriously hate waiting for clay and other stuff to takes forever! I'm so impatient! =\ I was going to put some progress photos up, but I don't feel like running downstairs to look for the USB camera cord, so maybe later.

Also, feather flat fluff after you cut them is ANNOYING! My cat Frank and I are allergic!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Back to the U.S.

Back from Kitacon and rested up. Not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow, but I have to, don't I? BOOOO! :( I was not feeling well for first part of the weekend, and in the evenings; I think I had some kind of crazy stomach virus or something.  I didn't get to walk around the convention as much as I wish I could have. I'm happy I was able to pull it together enough to do our panels and hang out with the people we met there. Advil, coffee, Imodium, and my fuzzy warm koala hat were my best friends. I hardly ever get sick, go figure it'd happen when I left the country. Stupid immune system.

 Anyways! Sick aside, it was an awesome trip! I brought back lots of yummy snacks that I got attached to while there. Digestives, Hob Nobs, and Mcvities Penguin Biscuits = <3 When I run out, I'll have to turn to my friends there to feed my addiction! lol

British Airlines were really nice to fly with - it was the first time we flew with them. They give you free wine with dinner!! Of course I took them up on that offer! Everything is so charming and adorable in the UK. Everyone was super polite and nice to us, and Josh and I are so grateful that they invited us to their convention. It was a wonderful experience that'd we'd repeat without hesitation. I had some pretty epic cat conversations with people, and made a lot of new friends. The committee was made of super amazing people. Thank you to everyone who came to our panels, and everyone who came up and said hello!

We were part of a really great photo shoot with some awesome Final Fantasy XIII cosplayers, and i'm really looking forward to getting those photos back - They looked amazing on the LCD screen! The Masqeurade and Kita's Got Talent were so fun to watch. I really enjoyed the variety of entries. Judging the costume contest was a pleasure, we saw some amazing cosplays!

Here are the event photos that I have so far:

I didn't end up wearing my Miku dress for the prom on friday sadly, but I did wear my other new Miku costume on friday.
It's Miku from the song "Magnet" in Hatsune Miku: Project Diva 2nd