Sunday, October 30, 2011

More Cosplay Stuff for Sale, more to come!

I have some more stuff up for sale. I'll be adding more later! Costumes sales are gong toward vet bills for my cat Franklin!

He's doing really well currently! Feelin' good and chasing his tail around in circles!  He has check ups every few months with blood work and x-rays to monitor his health through the duration of his heart worm disease. (which I hope is coming to an end)
Here's to Frank living FOREVER!

Thanks for looking! :)

Here's what I have up so far:

Rainbow Dash Costume Parts -- Comes with a custom colored Rainbow wig! And custom colored hand made feathered wings!

Alice in Wonderland Dejiko

Pokemon Treecko Hoodie

Past listed stuff still for sale:

Black and white Ayane costume
Fuujin from Kingdom Hearts 2
Seifer Almasy from Kingdom Hearts 2 (Men's costume) --I've lowered the price on this one quite a bit!
Kingdom Hearts 2: Struggle Bat Prop
Hand Painted Ayane Bow. -- Lowered the price on this one too!

I'll make another post after I add more stuff! :) Spread the word if you think anyone would be interested!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Not Dead!

I haven't posted for a while! But I'm still here workin mah buns off on a new costume for Anime USA! I'll have more stuff to update with soon hopefully! :)

Until then, please enjoy this ridiculously unflattering picture of me with the cutest dog ever, MOLLY! We are pretty princesses!!!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Website Update!

Finally got around to uploading the full Rainbow Dash Gallery to my website!

Full Costume Gallery: