Monday, February 27, 2012! 

I've been working on it for a while now, so i'm super happy to finally have it uploaded! I made a new layout for my website, and re-did a lot of things.

+ I added videos to the "Events photos and videos" section
+ Re-made all of my costume galleries with Visual Lightbox
+ Added a rollover description over each costume icon in the Costume gallery main page.
+ Cleaned up the links page and removed broken links
+ Re-did my bio page
+ New Drop down menu style!

I haven't added any new costume or photo content yet, but i'm working on that soon! I'm still waiting to get back some awesome photos from Katsucon!

I'm also  still tweeking some things, and i'll be playing with the layout a bit here and there. I have some awesome new photos from Katsucon that I want to possibly incorporate in there. I'll probably end up just having a few different layouts rotate randomly like my last layout (Because I have trouble deciding on things!).

And I really want to get some new tutorials up. I keep saying that, but now I have a little more time to get them typed up since my next convention currently isn't until July! Good break to get some stuff done I guess!
We debuted two new costumes: Neon Genocide was Wesker from Resident Evil 5 and I was a Aww (kitty vocaloid girl). We also have some beautiful new photos from Edea and Seifer as well as my Houmei costume. 

Some Preview shots:

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